There are at least eight artists which have used the name Spider: 1 An indie folk singer from New York, United States 2. A pop rock band from New York, United States 3. A heavy metal band from England 4. A punk rock band from Hungary 5. A lo-fi band from Washington, United States 6. A ska-rock band from Malaysia 7. A power pop band from England 8. A rapper from Mexico - 1. Spider is an alias for Brooklyn indie-folk musician Jane Herships. Most of the songs on her release The Way to Bitter Lake are hushed, personal folk songs with elements of shoegazing reminescent of musicians such as Nick Drake and M. Ward. 2 - Spider: was an American AOR and power pop band from New York that formed in 1977 and disbanded in 1984. The band consisted of Amanda Blue (vocals), Keith Lentin (guitar), Jim Lowell (bass), Holly Knight (keyboards, vocals) and Anton Fig (drums). They released two studio albums through Dreamland Records in the early 1980s, and scored one Top 40 hit in the United States with 1981's "New Romance (It's a Mystery)". Two songs from their 1981 album Between the Lines - "Change" and "Better Be Good to Me" - were hits for John Waite and Tina Turner, respectively. Following the band's disbanding in 1984, drummer Anton Fig became a noted session drummer and was a member of the band on David Letterman's late night shows until the host's retirement in 2015. Keyboardist Holly Knight became a songwriter and wrote hits such as "Love is a Battlefield" for Pat Benatar, "Obsession" for Animotion and "The Warrior" for Patti Smyth 3. Spider were a British NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal) band from Liverpool that formed in 1976. The band released three albums: Rock 'n' Roll Gypsies (1982), Rough Justice (1984) and Raise the Banner (For Rock 'n' Roll) (1986) 4. Spider was a Hungarian punk rock band in the 90's. 5. Spider is Erin from The Spits and his girlfriend. Lo-fi. synth. post-punk. new wave. 6. Spider is a Malay rock band with ska influences from Malaysia. 7. Power Pop/New wave 70's band, UK (can be heard on Good Vibrations: The Punk Singles Collection) Read more...

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